Monday, 28 September 2009

Some more holiday snaps

Here are a few more holiday snaps from my trip to Cyprus. It was lovely being with my daughters and we had lots of laughs.

This is the villa we stayed in, it was quite impressive. Photo taken at night.

On our girlie day shopping
trip we came to a compromise with Paul, he could visit the local beer factory in the morning and then join us for shopping in the afternoon. Plans didnt quite work out but the girls and I met Paul after his tour in the "tasting room". Lesley would have loved this, (not sure who the lady in white is though).

Next it was the new shopping centre, we started off at the bottom (three floors of shops) and that is where the toilets were. We were thrilled to find the ice skating rink on the bottom floor
as well

Here we are on our way up to the shops The new shopping centre was advertised as having over 120 retail outlets, ohh we were so excited.

What all the advertisements forgot to mention was that there were facilities for over 120 outlets, with approx 30 being occupied. There were 4-5 cafes there as well, oops. But we did manage to get handbags at bargin prices and we all had a lovely linch at TGIFs. A good day in the end .

The weather was great apart from a couple of afternoon showers. Of course if you are going to get wet in the rain, you may as well be in the pool as well
that is what paul believes, and just to prove it

Here is the most recent pictures of the girls

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I am back from my holiday

Thought I would share with you some pics of a few bars Joe and In visited whilst in France

best wishes to everyone

Lesley x x

Friday, 4 September 2009

Our very own Karen

This is the blog candy on offer where our very own

talented Karen from Dabblers

is part of their design team.

Crich Tramway Museum

this is a recent picture taken at the Tramway Museun at Crich BH Sunday when the weather was very wet!!!
but we all had a great day despite the weather
Lesley x


Does anyone know where I could get a die cut to make chest style favour boxes
Your help in this quest would be so much appreciated.
Hope you all have a great night tonight at the Dabblers Derby sorry I cannot be there with you all.

Lesley x