Monday, 21 June 2010


I have received an email today cancelling our evening on 2nd July. The church hall is double booked. This is really sad as I look forward to the evenings as I know a lot of others do. I shall try to see if it is free the following week and let everyone know.


Silver and Pearls

Not real silver and pearls but who cares they still look beautiful.
I bought the pearls from Reams as I just love those colours the darker one reminds
me of Stampin Up's Sage Shadow, which I will miss when it's gone.
I will have to order some before I forget.
Anyway I threaded 3 pearls onto a jump ring then threaded that
jump ring onto a lik in the chain, I did this about 120 times, but it was worth it.
I do hope you like it.