Sunday, 29 December 2013

Birthday Card List

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas so far and that you are enjoying this festive time. 

Unfortunately the Birthday Card List has not worked out so well during 2013 and quite a few ladies on the list have asked to be removed as they felt it was a little unfair that they go to the trouble of making and sending cards and this isn't being reciprocated. Therefore for 2014 there wont be a Birthday Card List for Derby Dabblers but that doesn't stop you from sending cards to anyone on the list, if you wish. 

Friday, 13 December 2013

2013 Derby Dabblers Christmas Fuddle

What a wonderful time we had last night at our last 2013 get together.  The turn out was lovely,everyone outdid themselves with the fuddle, it was a lovely selection
Here are a few photos that I took. 

The official photographs, taken by our official photographers, you know, the ones around the Christmas tree, will be on the blog a little later.  Buffy and Jane took those for us.

Now we were all making tags and boxes but guess what, I was having such a lovely time that I didnt take pictures of those so, if you have a picture of a tag or two, please do pop it on the blog.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas Fuddle

Friday 13th December will be the last get together of Derby Dabblers for 2013.  It would be lovely if we could all meet up for the Christmas Fuddle and a Secret Santa as well as a little crafting of course.

As usual we shall be at St. Martins Church Hall, Flint Street, Allenton, DE24 9BG from 6.30 - 9.30 and there will be the usual tea, coffee and squash.  The price will be £3 per person.  If you can come along with a little something either sweet or savoury, homemade or shop purchased,  for the fuddle table that would be great.  If you cant dont worry, please dont let that stop you from coming along, we will still be very pleased to see you.

If you would like to take part in the secret Santa, please let me know so that I can keep updating everyone. If you would like to take part, you purchase a little present up to the value of £8, wrap it up and then put it in Santas Sack.  At the end of the evening, everyone who participated will put their hand in the sack, pull out a present and put it under their Christmas tree for Christmas day, I think its a lovely idea.

It doesnt matter if this is the first time that you are coming along to dabblers, you will receive a warm welcome from everyone.  Just bring a mug, a name badge and some crafty item to keep you busy.

The theme for the evening, if you wish to craft is TAGS.  Christmas tags, birthday tags any type of tag at all.  You will need card, maybe a stamp or two, perhaps some glitter?  Anything at all to make a tag and, if you have already made some, why not bring them along to show others.

Dont forget, if you would like to hand out a Christmas Card or two, please bring those along with you, saves on the postage.

Let me know if you can / cant make it and I shall keep the Dabblers Blog Up to date with what is happening.  If there are not enough of us, I am afraid it wont be able to go ahead - UPDATE - There are enough of us so this will be going ahead.  Please continue to let me know if you are coming along though. Thanks


Attending Fuddle - 8 +2
JW, LR, TR, BG+1, LK, SW, MH+1, DF

Secret Santa 7 


Sunday, 27 October 2013

NOVEMBER get together - grab your name badge, your cup and your craft bag

It is Derby Dabblers November get together this Friday, 1st November.

Hopefully we can meet from 6.30 - 9.30 at St. Martins Church Hall on Flint Street, in Allenton. I am told that the electrician has been and we should have a light outside the door that will come on when we arrive and leave. Paul will be putting a drain cover over that large hole just outside the door, making it a lot safer.

Would anyone like to do a demonstration? It would be lovely if someone could. Just let me know so that I can pass on any items we need to bring to everyone else.

The theme for the evening has to be Christmas. Please bring along anything Christmassy that you are happy to share, stamps, ribbons, buttons etc. and we can have a Christmas Card / Scrapbook page evening. I will try and bring along some carols to put on the squawk box - or is it too early? Dont forget your card, ink and colours.

I shall be happy to bake a cake or two as I am off work this week but if anyone else would like to bring something in, the more the merrier.

Does anyone know how to use wax seals? I have a little box with everything in but dont know how to use it. I would be very grateful if someone could show me. Is there something that you would like to know how to use? If so, just let me know and I will see if I can get you some help on the night.

Box of Freebies - There will be a box of FREE items on the table. If there is anything that you no longer need, please pop it in the box as it may come in useful for other crafters.

Christmas Party Night/Fuddle. We have already been told that we cant use St. Martins on the first Friday of December, boo hoo. So I have asked if we can have it on Friday 13th for our Christmas Fuddle and it is available but, I have to book it by Saturday 2nd November. Can you please let me know if you will, or wont, be able to come along to the fuddle. For those that would like to come, would you like a secret santa i.e. you purchase a present to the value of £8.00 You wrap the present and put it in a big box on the night. Everyone who puts a present in, takes a present out and puts it under their Christmas tree? I think it is a lovely idea and am happy to do this and it just needs a few more ladies to join me.

For November, we need a minimum of 8 people for this to go ahead to pay for the cost of the room hire. If you could let me know if you will, or wont be attending, that would be lovely. The cost is still £3 for adults and £2 for the youngsters.  I shall keep updating the numbers below


so far going on Friday 1st November 7 of us

December Fuddle - 2 of us

UPDATED - Sue is doing a Demo 

Fancy a go making this?  Sue is going to show everyone how to on Friday night.  I will get details of everything you need to bring with you on the blog tomorrow.  It is a card, in a box, that folds flat for posting.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

AUGUST GET TOGETHER - Will you be coming along?

At our August get together, we are hoping to have a bumper demo night.  As well as the usual theme for the evening and the sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, cardmaking etc. etc.  why not have a go at making a few different items.

Here is the first  

Lots of time to cut everything out on the night

This is what you will need to bring with you
two sheets of the same DS paper, either 12 x 12, 8 x 8 or 6 x 6,
a piece of scrap card max 6" x 3"
length of ribbon for handles,
tools a trimmer  but some score board plus scissors and hole punch,
strong glue or red tape to keep the bag together.

This is something that Sue and Elvie made recently, stunning isnt it.

For the Ferro Rocha Chocolate Box 2 pieces card stock. one n three quarter inch x seven n three quarter n another five inch x two n three quarter

A piece of coordinating double sided paper three eights x twelve inches

small piece of acetate to make a window

A trimmer or scoreboard

one n a quarter circle punch -  dont worry if you dont have one of these

curly label square punch - dont worry if you dont have one of these

Bo ho blossoms punch - dont worry if you dont have one of these

small hole punch - dont worry if you dont have one of these

red tape -  this is the very strong tape that holds things together.

glue dots


coordinating ribbon enough to tie a nice bow

Ferro Rocha chocolate

For the box with acetate lid

1 x A4 card for box - we will cut at dabblers
1 x A4 accetate sheet or overhead sheet or I have some that I can give you on the night
1 x A4 contrasting paper for base or you could use the same coloured card as box
1 x 1 n 1/2" x 11" for band around box, coloured card
1 x 1 n 1/4" x 11" for band around box, white card
Some card/paper/sentiment for label.  I will take cutters and big shot for you to use, please bring  your own paper/card.
Red sticky tape and wet glue
Scoreboard if you have (I will take spares), embossing tool if you have.  Bone folder if you have Scissers

There  will also be a theme for the evening which is trees.  So anything at all to do with trees for card makers and scrapbookers alike.
If you are a knitter, or crocheter or maker of anything else, as usual you are most welcome to come along and join us.

If you just want to come along to see what its all about please do, lots of helpful ladies will be there to answer any questions you have.

Dont forget, you will need to bring a mug/cup and saucer with you and a name badge if possible.  We shall start to set the tables up at half 6 so if you could be there at this time, your help would be appreciated.

Dont forget, PLEASE let me know if you are coming along because if there arent enough of us, we wont be able to meet up.  I do hope that you can make it.