Sunday, 29 December 2013

Birthday Card List

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas so far and that you are enjoying this festive time. 

Unfortunately the Birthday Card List has not worked out so well during 2013 and quite a few ladies on the list have asked to be removed as they felt it was a little unfair that they go to the trouble of making and sending cards and this isn't being reciprocated. Therefore for 2014 there wont be a Birthday Card List for Derby Dabblers but that doesn't stop you from sending cards to anyone on the list, if you wish. 

Friday, 13 December 2013

2013 Derby Dabblers Christmas Fuddle

What a wonderful time we had last night at our last 2013 get together.  The turn out was lovely,everyone outdid themselves with the fuddle, it was a lovely selection
Here are a few photos that I took. 

The official photographs, taken by our official photographers, you know, the ones around the Christmas tree, will be on the blog a little later.  Buffy and Jane took those for us.

Now we were all making tags and boxes but guess what, I was having such a lovely time that I didnt take pictures of those so, if you have a picture of a tag or two, please do pop it on the blog.