Wednesday, 12 August 2009

what a weekend

Had a lovely evening Friday night at the Dabblers and we missed everyone who couldnt make it. There was glitter everywhere, as well as flying ants (as I shiver). A big thank you to Pam and Christina for the biscuits and goodies.

I managed to have a play with my rollers and was impressed with the results. I will put up pictures as soon as I take them.

Saturday it was shopping and I shopped till I dropped. Met Paul in town for lunch and then he went and purchased a great big garden frog for his pond. It was too heavy to carry round so we left it at the shop until the end of the day. More shopping more walking and eventually we came home, mashed a lovely cup of tea, sat in the garden and then realised.......we had forgotton to pick up froggy. F
inished tea and off we went again.

Sunday was a busy day and we cooked Sunday Lunch and the folks came and we managed to see lots of the family. Paul has taken cuttings off one of our trees for a friend and I am now looking after it in the hopes that it takes. If anyone has any tips for cultivating plants, please let me know.

Sorry the picture is a bit dark

I am really looking forward to Debbie's Stampin Up party on Friday and hope to see lots of people there, until then, have a great week.

OOPPS - for some reason I scheduled this to go out on 10th October???


  1. lovely plant - Glad you had a good weekend - bringing my sister in law on Friday to Debbie's SU party - Lesley x

  2. and it has come out on the 10th October lol - I read it and I thought I read this before and then I looked back to older post on the blog and there it was!!!! Lesley x