Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Cards Wanted for our troops in Afganistan

Shell over at Challenge addicts blog spot is collecting card to send off to our troops out in Afganistan and our USA crafters have been doing this for ages - and I've been looking out for some one that does this in England for ages now I've found someone. The US system is that the cards are available free though the Pardre's - but will e-mail Shell to find out more.

I thought it would be great if everyone from Dabblers could send a couple of cards - so pass the word.

It would make me very happy if we all could support this cause - as you may or not be aware my son Matthew spent 2 tours of 6 months in Iraq and it was an extremely worrying time for our family and the conflict in Afganistan is much worse with troops dying daily.

Hope you feel able to support this cause

Lesley x


  1. Thank you in helping me promoe this cause

    Shell xx

  2. Count me in Lesley :o)
    Jackie xx