Sunday, 7 August 2011

Three of a Kind


Well Friday at Dabblers was a great night.  I made 3 cards and had a wonderful time using a brayer for the very 1st time.  I never done it before but I’m certainly going to buy myself a brayer & do more & since Friday I keep taking a peek at U tube looking a brayer demo’s – think I must be hooked!!!!

   I was very lucky as Tracey lent me hers for the evening.  Brenda gave us a demo using a brayer and Liz was really positive when I thought what I’d done was rubbish – she showed me that is wasn’t.  So thank you Liz for being so positive.

I haven’t made the brayer card into cards yet but we will do soon and then post them on the blog.  But in the interim here are the cards I made on the night.


Well hope you have all had a great weekend.  I’m off to ice a birthday cake for Cameron’s party today.  This is my 3rd of the week


Lesley x


  1. Brilliant evening Lesley we did have a laugh re the brayering will look forward to seeing your creations Luv Sue x

  2. I don't know how again I'm missing your post...this is beautiful.....I think I would like to do some flowers after seeing yours. You are wasn't your brayer...did you miss the color before applying.