Thursday, 10 May 2012


Can anyone tell me if I can use the origianal metal backed Cuttlebug cutting dies (I have alphabets) in my new Grand Calibur machine.  I have purchased the raspberry adapter plate, but no mention is ever made of these metal backed dies being used,  They were very expensive amd I don't thinkl spellbinders do alphabets.   I would like to use them with my new machine.  Has anyone any experience please.


  1. Hi P.Ann, I had a look about and found this "With the C Cutting Plate on the bottom, place the die cut side facing up. Add the media on top of the die, with the desired pattern facing down. Cover with the W-025 Sizzix Original Mat and insert into the front of the Grand Calibur. Turn the handle and the sandwich exits at the back of the machine." on this website It tells you everything that is compatible with your Grand Calibur. If you still have no joy just ask me again and I will go ask Sheila at Crafty Ways as she has one in the shop I could borrow for a while. Good Luck, Anne x

  2. Thanks so much for that Anne. Unfortunately I do not have the Sissix plates (as I have never had that machine) so don't know how thick it is. I will however look at that craft site and see what I can find out. I will let you know. Ta again. P Ann X