Monday, 22 March 2010

Hi all, just thought I would share these photos with you. Alyson came to over for a cup of coffee today and we sat and made cards together (well Alyson did - all I seemed to make was a lot of mess!!) We had great fum and the time flew by! Look at the state of my dining table after we had finished - but Alyson made some beautiful cards didn't she.

Paula. x


  1. great cards and the table you just cannot craft neatly I find the more mess greater the inspiration - glad you both had a great day best wishes Lesley x x

  2. Lovely cards, and it looks like you were in my craftroom. You can't beat a crafting day with like minded friends :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. wow looks like you had a great day. the cards are smashing alyson. cant believe that paula didnt make one or two.

    you have to make a mess to feel like you achieved something. Glad you both a lovely time

  4. Gorjus gorjus cards ladies.

    Love Karen x