Saturday, 6 March 2010

Missed you all last night

I really missed not coming to Dabblers last night as I love to see everyone as the commeraderie is great. But just needed to catch up with myself after a busy weekend last week and then followed by a hectic week at work. All I did when I came home is 'mong' in the lounge lol apart from I did go to French on Wednesday as if I don'r speak French at least once a week I worry that I'll forget it!!! lol

The card is for a man and for those of you who've been round a while they will remember that is is similar to a card that we made at Tracey's first SU 'make and take' over 2 years ago at St Martins.

Well hopefully see you all at Arena on the 19th

Lesley x


  1. Hi Lesley, we missed you too and there isn't one next month as it will be Good Friday!
    I even brought my flower album to show you :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. Yes I'll second that - we did miss you on friday. By the way I love the term "mong in the lounge" I'm quite good at that too!. Lovely card - hope the guy you made it for liked it! Paula xxx