Thursday, 3 February 2011


At 10.40p.m. last night the caretaker of St. Martins Church telephoned me to let me know that there is no electricity at the church.

Apparently they have had a problem for a few days and although the electrician has been, he hasnt sorted out the problem. The electrician was due to go again yesterday but he didnt show up and Sylvia (the caretaker) wasnt sure when he was going to go.

Now I am sure that we have all done some crafting in some bad conditions but it will be impossible to do anything without any lighting or heating tonight. Sylvia has said that we can use the hall on another Friday as soon as the electricity is sorted so all I can do is let
you know when this is and see if you are free.

I had received 18 positive replies for tonight and whilst I dont have room at home for 18 people to sit and craft I do have 18 mugs soif you fancy a coffee and a chat, you are most welcome to come for a coffee. Jayne has had a delivery of glue runners, cello bags etc. etc.
and I will ask her to bring them round. I had also intended on giving out the Stampin' Up! orders at the Dabblers but they havent arrived as yet. Some are due today and some will be here on Monday.

I cant tell you how disappointed I am and I'm sure that you will be too.

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