Sunday, 29 May 2011

I bring you great news!!!

Hi Ladies

When I first started going to Dabblers every so often we had a 'Stamping Sunday' which was held at Chellaston and organised by Tracey. But alas the room became no longer available and then we could not find an alternative venue and sadly the stamping on a Sunday was no more. It was great fun and I learn't loads & loads & loads from crafters like Pauline Tracey Sandra Jackie Jayne Karen just to name but a few - if I have missed your name out I'm very sorry.

We all used to gather at a community centre bring out own packed lunch and we crafted ALL day - yes ALL day - sheer bliss. Some could only came for the morning some for the afternoon and some lucky peeps came ALL day.

Well we have an opportunity to do this again on May 29th. Anne has found a new venue for 'STAMPING SUNDAY'
Cost:will be: £5 all day what a bargain!!!
The £5 will include tea & coffee for the day and a light breakfast of croissants first thing

Bring you own packed lunch and all the crafty items you will need for the day.
The theme will be 'Any thing goes'
If you would like to come - I will need to know definite numbers as we will need a minimum of 8 to make if viable.

So if you'd like to book a place please e-mail me asap

best wishes

Lesley x

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