Sunday, 7 June 2009

Derby Dabblers Pictures

We had a Derby Dabblers meeting last Friday which was a really enjoyable evening, as they always are.  Quite a few people were missing but we hope to catch up with you all at the next get together.

The theme for last Friday was shrink plastic which we did get round to, eventually.  Here are a couple of photos that were taken.

The first is from this (the large yellow golfer) to this
the fisherman. The fisherman is the size of the image once heated 
with the heat gun.

During the heating process he curled, blew away and curled some more.  Liz finally tamed him

and this is what he turned out like.  There is also the rose that
Pam shrank

 Paula gave us all a treat as well with her scrummy  cupcakes.  I do hope that you can see the glitter on them.  Thank you Paula, they were amazing.

A big thanks also goes to Karen for being the photographer on the evening.  I forgot to take my camera.... typical.

We all look forward to seeing the finished projects that were started on the night.

Have a great week, whatever you are up to

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