Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Aston on Trent Well Dressing


Well I did it YIPPEE, the Aston on Trent Well Dressing that is.  I have been making cards all year long for this event.  Friday night saw me in a panic getting everything ready and piled up in the hall.  I didn't get to bed till late and 5.30 Saturday morning I was wide awake.  Loaded the car at half 8 full of apprehension and off I went to collect mum.  We got to the event and they werent ready for us, we were too early so had a quick cuppa with sis who lives in Aston.  10.00 we went back and set up the stall.  Mum and I didnt stop all day long it was so busy.  The weather stayed nice apart from a couple of drizzles of rain which didnt cause any concerns.  Left about 5.00 shattered as I am not used to standing up all day.  I had 5 cards to add names/numbers to for the Sunday so did those and went to bed as we had to repeat the day all over again on Sunday.  

Sunday wasnt as busy but still another great day and the weather stayed nice for the event.  I met lots of wonderful people, some may be joining us at Dabblers and others I have arranged to meet up with in a couple of weeks.  Standing again really took its toll and even though its Wednesday, my legs havent yet recovered.

So now I have to start making cards all over again for next years event.



  1. What a wonderful 2 days you and your mum must have had and the weather wasn't bad either - Lesley x

  2. What a fantastic amount of cards and from the photo they all looked beauties! Well done Tracey, now its time to start again for next year!

    Becky x